Cludfoot Program

At Enkehaus Private Hospital Center for Clubfoot, we use the 3-stage Ponseti method as our first line of treatment for clubfoot, which involves stretching, casting and bracing. A proven approach to correcting clubfoot, research has shown the Ponseti method is 95% effective when used properly.

At Enkehaus Private Hospital , we will be there for you and your child every step of the way, providing the care and support that successful Ponseti method treatment requires.

If visiting our center is not convenient, one of our specialist will attend your child’s clubfoot by by you booking over online appointment or telephone consults.

Clubfoot Treatment for Children

What is Clubfoot?

Clubfoot is a birth defect that causes 1 or both of a baby’s feet to turn inward, or to point upward. This occurs because the tendons that connect the leg muscles to the foot are short and tight, causing the foot to twist and bear a rough resemblance to a golf club. Clubfoot effects 1 out of every 1,000 babies in the Namibia making it one of the most common congenital foot deformities. It’s not usually a painful condition, but it needs to be treated early so your child can walk normally later.

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Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

Symptoms of clubfoot

The symptoms of clubfoot vary but are easy to identify by a medical professional. Clubfoot could be more difficult to spot if you are a first-time parent and if the condition is not severe.

They include:

  • A foot that turns inward and downward, with toes pointing toward the opposite foot.
  • The clubfoot may be smaller than the other foot (up to ½ inch shorter).
  • The heel on the clubfoot may be smaller than normal.
  • In severe cases, the clubfoot may be twisted upside down.
  • The calf muscle on the leg with the clubfoot will be slightly smaller.

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