Fertility treatment

We understand that trying to conceive a baby is a stressful and emotional time in people’s lives. We aim to offer an exceptional level of service to make the chance of a successful pregnancy become a reality for our patients. 

Our philosophy is to provide each person/couple with a tailor-made investigative programme and management package to suit their individual needs. Each person has a unique reaction to infertility. It’s an emotional roller coaster and you may have feelings that range from disappointment and frustration to hope and excitement.

It’s understandable. But these feelings can be unpredictable and upsetting, and can even cause tension in relationships. You may need help in coping with them.

You will find out about the treatments available and your consultant will help you decide on a programme. Appointments for tests will also be made. These can include tests on blood, urine and sperm, which are needed to see if the treatment chosen is right for you. If you want to go ahead, you’ll meet one of our specially trained fertility nurses to discuss any questions you may have and to provide you with the information needed to make your journey through treatment easier.

Emergency number

081 840 2747

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.


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We offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients.