Internal Medicine

Taking care of your health is an important investment for every adult. The Internal Medicine department is the first point of contact for any patient seeking tertiary care and as such is the foundation of the Enkehaus Private Hospital. We take a comprehensive approach to patient care and analysis, referring to specialists when required and using the latest advances in medical technology. Through the outpatient clinic, a therapeutic and preventive health care approach is given.


Consistent to help to guide your health

We begin by listening carefully to you, assessing your overall health and providing you with a customized care plan. With a complete picture of your health, we can work with any care teams in connecting the dots in your care. For example, we can help pinpoint health issues and potential risk factors, even when symptoms seem unrelated. When advanced care is appropriate, we can refer you to the specialists that are right for you.

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Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.


Encompassing All Accessible Exclusive Medical Treatment

We offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients.