Maternity Hospital care during pregnancy

Let our experienced team guide you through your pregnancy and childbirth. 

The staff at Enkehaus Private Hospital extend a warm welcome to you and your family.  We wish to offer a safe and high quality service.

Our aim is to be sensitive to your physical and emotional needs and to be flexible in our care so that your individual wishes are met.

We want to keep you well informed so that you can make informed choices.  Please do not hesitate to ask questions and seek advice at any time.  We hope that the information on this website will be helpful to you during your pregnancy.

Wards for pregnant women treat mothers who need monitoring at the hospital because of some pregnancy-related problem, such as high blood pressure, risk of premature labor or bleeding. The baby’s condition may also require hospital care even when the mother is feeling fine. Initiation of labor also takes place in the wards for pregnant mothers.

Emergency number

081 840 2747

Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

The Maternity Unit provides services for all women.

  • The safety of our patients
  • Staff, visitors, and doctors is always our top priority.
  • Breastfeeding advice
  • Maternity Tours and Booking Online
  • Postnatal Parenting Education
  • Postnatal Physiotherapy

Encompassing All Accessible Exclusive Medical Treatment

We offer extensive medical procedures to outbound and inbound patients.