Outreach services

Outreach services are clinics based in venues such as Enkehaus Private Hospital that provide for selective patient groups and operate at specific times. Some of these services operate a walk-in system while others may require an appointment.

The Hospital Outreach Support Team is made up of occupational therapists and physiotherapists who aim to make the transition from hospital to home as simple and safe as possible.

We do this by providing short term therapy, adaptive equipment and organising additional services in your area if deemed necessary. 

This review examines the benefits and costs of outreach in a range of specialties and in a variety of settings. Simple ‘shifted outpatients’ styles of specialist outreach were shown to improve access, but there was no evidence of their impact on health outcomes. Outreach as part of more complex multifaceted interventions involving primary care collaborations, education and other services was associated with improved health outcomes, more efficient and guideline-consistent care, and less use of inpatient services. There is a need for better quality evidence evaluating specialist outreach in all settings, but especially in rural and disadvantaged populations.

Emergency number

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Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.